Ensemble:Legacies Project with Prime Cut Productions

Over the past few months, a group from our Seniors Engagement Programme took part in a theatre project with Prime Cut Productions, on the theme of legacies. This ranged from writing workshops where they explored ideas related to the theme of legacies, shared workshops with other groups like Here NI, enjoyed a trip to the theatre, and did a lot of rehearsals before the final show!

To begin with, in Autumn 2022 our seniors group had three workshops with Prime Cut Productions to explore what the word ‘Legacies’ meant to them through storytelling, writing prompts and games!

As part of this project, and to get some inspiration for their own theatre piece, our seniors group attended a performance of the play ‘Removed’ at the MAC.

After these writing workshops, our group came together with Here NI and PPR, who had been also exploring their own ideas about the topic of ‘Legacies’, to share what they had been working on, brainstorm ideas and get to know each other.

Then it was time to start rehearsing! The team from Prime Cut took all the stories and ideas the group had been workshopping and turned it into a poem for the group to perform at the final show.

The groups then had three rehearsals in the Brian Friel Theatre, where they explored the space they would be performing in, practiced their lines, and met other groups from around Belfast who had also been working on their own pieces for the show.

Then Friday 31st March was the big day! The final show was performed in the Brian Friel Theatre, with all the groups performing their individual and group pieces wonderfully! The audience was full of friends and family who really enjoyed the show.