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BCDA/TCFL Social Health and Well-Being

This is a partnership programme with Taughmonagh Community Forum Limited (TCFL) funded by the Public Health Agency (PHA). We deliver a targeted Health and Social Wellbeing programme across the lifecycle comprising sports/physical activity, intergenerational relationship building, drug awareness, and personal development e.g. counselling.

Welfare Rights Team

The Advice Services at Ballynafeigh Community House is a part of an Advice Consortium covering all of South Belfast. BCDA provides a generalist Advice and Guidance Service to a wide range of people i.e. elderly, unemployed, single parents, people with learning, disabled etc. We specialise in Welfare benefits and take a holistic approach to people’s needs i.e. advice on Warm Home schemes, occupational …


Ballynafeigh Community Development Association has been running for 40 years and is a multi- purpose resource centre which works to support the Ballynafeigh neighbourhood. Ballynafeigh is one of the longest surving shared neighbourhoods in Belfast, comprising of people from different social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. BCDA acts as an advocate for shared communities by working with local people, groups and neighbouring …